3 June 2013



Due to being colossally shit of a morning, I like, every once in a while, to kickstart the day with a rush of annoyance to get the adrenaline going.  On these occasions, I'll sometimes visit the Daily Mail website and have a scroll through the plethora of chauvinist, nasty articles.  The Daily Mail seems to be largely staffed by female writers, but the kind of female writers who loathe other women entirely.  Misogynistic women.  Imagine being one of them.  I bet they have depressed vaginas.  

This particular article was one designed to bring the most illiterate dickwads out of the woodwork and probably cause moral outrage and confusion to normally-functioning and sane adult humans.  We're all familiar with these badly spelled webpages masquerading as Articles From A Real Life Actual Newspaper and the thing is the the Mail know exactly what they're doing - look at the number of Twitter shares the infamous Samantha Brick's articles get.  The difference, though, is that Samantha Brick is a laughing stock: nobody takes what she says seriously and fewer people still are going to feel bad about themselves (you know, about their lack of astounding, Brick-esque beauty and hunky, gun toting, French hubby) as a direct result of any of her "articles".  Samantha Brick is just typical Daily Fail "Lets Increase Page Views So We Can Win Awards" fodder.  

Jennifer Lawrence is a different case entirely.  She's a woman with talent, who has endeared herself to millions of people by being completely level headed about her success.  She's also gorgeous - and healthy, natural.  If you had a pre teen/teenage daughter there are far worse people that she could be idolising.  And the fact is that many young people do look up to her, and so to send them the message that this woman is unattractive and fat is quite simply not fair.  Anyway.  Here are two of the photos - of Jennifer in her Mystique from X-Men costume - that appeared on the Daily Mail website:

Jennifer Lawrence, "maintaining her curves" and about to eat - gasp! - LUNCH.  She later probably "poured her enviable curves" into a bikini and "flaunted" them about a bit, whilst singing Eiffel 65

These are photos taken from above, making her look shorter than she is and therefore slightly bigger.  But regardless, she still is not fat in these photos.  Right?  WRONG.  Have a look at a selection of the highest rated comments from earlier today:

Well, that's nice guys, that's really charming.  It's at times like these that the Anti-Comment-Participation me struggles to not click up on the "Well let's see what YOU look like, then!" comments.

(Also, and obvs i dnt meen 2 b rood or anyfink lyk dat, Draya 4rm Liverpool, but if thtz not a troll comment den i weep 4 da future.).

In the greater scheme of things, you may not recognise this sort of thing as a problem, but it is.  Because young, impressionable girls are reading this crap.  And it is everywhere.  It's far worse than it was ten years ago* when I was a hormonal and painfully self conscious fifteen year old.  I can't even comprehend what it's like to be fifteen now.  It must be fucking horrible.

"I’d rather look chubby on screen and like a person in real life."

*Wait, what.  Ten years? Oh crap, WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE!


  1. I applaud everything you just said with exception to the Eiffel 65 reference as I now have 'Blue (Da Ba Dee' on repeat in my head x

  2. Wow are these people looking at the same pictures as me? Because her body does look toned and healthy. Plus in the second picture shes bending her knee's which make everyone's thighs look bigger, its a pity they don't realise that, tut tut, xoxo.

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  4. Fuck. Peoples perception of weight is so warped these days. I am glad to see a woman wright such a level headed piece on this article. If somebody asked (i don't know why they would), but i would say i was physically attracted to slim healthy women. I would consider these pictures to be of a slim healthy woman. If she was a few pounds thinner, the article headlines would have no doubt been venumously spitting out things like ''dangerously thin!'', or ''does she have an eating disorder!?!!''.
    People are different shapes. Sorry that's how it is on this planet. And besides, when you bend a girl over, you need something to hold on to.